All the candidates who have participated in the Online Drawing Competition can Print / Download the participation certificate by clicking on the link given below. Results will be announced on this portal shortly.

Key Instructions while applying for Drawing Competition

  1. These following are the three categories

  2. S.No Category Age Group Topic
    1 A Kindergarten to 2nd standard (Age 4yrs-6yrs) HAND HYGIENE DURING CORONA
    2 B 3rd Standard to 6th Standard (Age 7yrs to 10 yrs) WEAR MASK AND BREAK THE CHAIN OF CORONA VIRUS
    3 C 7th Standard to 10th Standard (Age 11yrs to 15 yrs) MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AND DEFEAT CORONA

  3. For one application, Only one mobile no. will be accepted.
  4. There will be Top three winners from each category. The top three winners will get the Trophy and cash prize of Rs 10,000, Rs 5000 and Rs 3000 respectively for first, second and third winners.
  5. All participants will get the participation certificate from DeGS, IT Department, GNCT of Delhi.
  6. Participants can use any coloring material like crayons, water color, oil pastels, color pencil etc.
  7. The drawing is to be in JPG format clearly mentioning the Full name, Class, School Name, Full Address, Mobile Number on the right hand side corner of the drawing.
  8. KG to 2ND std A4 Size paper and 3RD to 10th std half imperial size (15*11 inches).
  9. The contest will be open between 22/12/2020 to 02/01/2021.
  10. Result will be announced on this portal shortly.