In August 2020, the Government of NCT of Delhi, joined hands with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety with the goal of reducing fatalities and injuries from road traffic crashes. In this regard Delhi Street Lab (DSL) is a street design initiative launched by the Transport Department, Government of NCT of Delhi with World Resources Institute (WRI) India as Knowledge Partners under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS). The Lab aims at transforming Delhi's streets - making them safer, more accessible and inclusive for all users, through a series of programs and initiatives.

What is DSL Learn?
DSL Learn is the Delhi Street Lab's capacity-building initiative that aims at training engineers and all relevant stakeholders on building better and safer streets for all road users. Through this initiative, engineers will receive training from various local and international experts in the fields of urban design and planning, traffic engineering and road safety. The training curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the context of Delhi and its unique traffic and transportation issues. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the first series will be conducted online. First edition of DSL Learn will delivered through a series of online pre-recorded modules and virtual workshops. Engineers can watch the lecture and attempt an online quiz to be eligible to receive Participation Certificates.

About WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities seeks to create accessible, equitable and resilient urban areas.

At WRI India Ross Center, we bring about an impact through a mix of local expertise, on-ground pilots, scaled-up initiatives and policy shifts at the city-level, state-level and national-level, across ten key practice areas. Helping Indian cities transform in a sustainable and inclusive manner, we collaborate with cities and partners to address pressing urban challenges and help Indian cities achieve their ambitions of being resilient, low carbon and sustainable while balancing their socio-economic and environmental goals. In our endeavours we are inspired and supported by WRI Ross Center's network of experts across the world.


The Delhi Street lab Learn is a capacity building series developed specifically for Delhi, keeping in mind the existing traffic and transport issues in Delhi and focusing on creating safer streets through design intervention.
The training program requires 4 simple steps:

1. Watch the training video on YouTube link provided and PDF for Reference.
2. Attend the Quiz.
3. Receive a certificate via Mail.

Youtube link


Module 1:
State of urban transport in Delhi

Description of Module:In this video, we learn about the state of urban transport in Delhi and what is the new urban agenda that can help create better safer city streets.


Quiz Link
PDF Download

Module 2:
Improving Safety Efficiency by Design in Delhi

Description of Module:Presenting Module 2 of DSL Learn`s Capacity Building series for the engineers of NCT of Delhi on improving the safety and efficiency of roads by design interventions in Delhi. In this video, we understand the road safety scenario of Delhi, difference between accidents and crashes, difference between roads and streets, the relationship between speed and crashes and case study representing the opportunities we have in Delhi regarding enhancing street design.


Quiz Link
PDF Download


1. How often will the training content be uploaded?
Ans. The training video shall be uploaded every 15days.
2. Will I be informed about when the next module is uploaded?
Ans. Every time the Content is uploaded a mail shall be sent with instruction to attend the training from your respective nodal officer.
3. What subjects does the training focus on?
Ans. The training focuses on creating on building better and safer streets for all road users. It covers topics such as safer corridor and intersection design, role of street design in road safety, international guest lectures etc.
4. How do I get the certificate issued?
Ans. Once the you attend the video content, please complete the quiz posted on the DSL:Learn Webpage along with the Module. Upon complete of the quiz, a Certificate shall be mailed to your respective mail ids.
5.How to resolve any further queries?
Ans. In case of any further queries; Please contact us on delhistreetlab@gmail.com via email.