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Delhi Prisons has two Prison Complexes, one at Tihar being one of the largest prison complex in the world comprising of nine central prisons and one District Prison at Rohini Prison Complex. The total population in ten prisons is around 14000 prisoners against the sanctioned capacity of 6250 prisoners. There was steady increase in the prisoner’s population over the last years which is enumerated as below.



In order to decongest the existing prisons Govt. of NCT of Delhi is planning to construct new jails at Mandoli, Narela and Baprola.

Prison Complex at Mandoli 

Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi laid the foundation stone of Mandoli Jails complex on 30.08.2008 at Mandoli Village, East of Delhi. The Jail Complex is spread acroos 68 acres of land and designed to lodge 3136 prisoners. The complex will house 6 jails- one for convict two for undertrials, one each for adolescent, women and High Security prisoners. There will be provision of separate lodgment of first time offenders so that they do not come into contact with other hardened criminals. Residential accommodation for 333 staff members and staff hostal will accomodate 604 staff members.


The construction of Mandoli Jails Complex will help to decongest the existing overcrowding problem being faced by Delhi Prisons at Tihar and Rohini and is likely to be completed in November 2010. This Jail Complex is being constructed at the cost of Rs.169 crores (approx.).


Open Jail At Baprola

A New Open Prison is proposed to be constructed near Baprola village over a plot of land measuring 125 acres.

Prison Complex at Narela

Besides the above prisons, 01 more prison is planned at Narela (North Delhi) for which Rs. 7.79 Crores has been deposited with the DDA for allotment of land comprising 40 acres. Administration

Delhi Jails are under the Administrative control of Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi headed by Lieutenant Governor Shri Tejender Khanna. The Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit, is also the Minister Incharge of Prisons. Shri Rakesh Mehta, IAS, is the Chief Secretary of Delhi. The Principal Secretary, Home, Shri Selvaraj B. V., IAS, is the Administrative Secretary of the Prison Department. Smt. Vimla Mehra, IPS, Director General (Prisons), is presently head of the Prison Department, and Shri R. N. Sharma, DANICS, is Deputy Inspector General of Prisons. The following is staffing pattern of Delhi Jails as on  July 2011:





Director General

Shri Alok Kumar Verma, IPS


Deputy Inspector General

Shri Mukesh Prasad, DANICS


Deputy Inspector General

Mondali Jail

Shri Kuldeep Pakad, DANICS (JAG-I)

Superintendent (PHQ-I) 

Superintendent (PHQ-II) 

Shri M.K Dwivedi, DANICS

Shri  Lakhpat Ram MeenaAd-hoc DANICS



Superintendent (CJ-1)

Shri Naveen Katarya DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-2)

Shri  Girish Pandey,DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-3)

Shri Rajesh Kumar, Adhoc- DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-4)

Shri Harish Tyagi, Ad-hoc DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-5)

Shri N.K Saxena DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-6)

Smt. Anju Mangla, Ad-hoc DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-7)

Shri O.P Bhatti, DANICS


Superintendent (CJ-8/9)

Shri  Virender Singh, Ad-hoc DANICS


Superintendent (DJR)

Shri  R S Nagar, DANICS 


Resident Medical Officer

Dr. N.K. Girdhar



 The custodial duties of inmates are performed by Delhi Prison Staff comprising of the following ranks:

Deputy Superintendent- Grade-I and II
Assistant Superintendent
Head Warder/ Head Matron

There are 1746 sanctioned posts for Delhi Prisons as on 31/08/2008. Regular Sampark Sabhas are held by Jail Superintendents and Director General (Prisons) for quick redressal of staff grievances. For the first time newly recruited Prison Staff is undergoing comprehensive training at Delhi Police Training School/College. In-house refresher courses are organized for the Prison Personnel in the matter of Court Rulings & Provisions of Prisons Act/ Delhi Jail Manual etc. Prison officers are also sent for refresher courses at RICA, Chandigarh & Vellore, NICFS, Rohini, New Delhi.Families of Delhi Prisons staff have the facilities of vocational training in the field of Computer Education, stitching, embroidery etc. In addition, there is facility of Community Center, Extension branch of Bank, ATM, Library, Primary School, Gas Agency, Fair Price Shop and a Crèche is available for the employees of Tihar Jail in the campus itself. Medical facilities are provided for the prison staff through DGEHS dispensary located in Tihar Jail Campus. In addition, health camps for the staff and family members are organized at regular intervals. There is also an Insurance scheme namely “Sarangi Scheme” for the staff members at subsidized premium.

President's Correctional Medal to Delhi Prison Officials

His Excellency, The President of India has conferred Correctional Service Medal for Distinguished/ Meritorious services on the occasion of Republic Day/ Independence Day to the following officers of Delhi Prisons:-

1. Shri Rekh Bahadur Thapa, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2000
2. Shri B.S. Jarial, Deputy Superintendent Gr-I Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
3. Shri L.P. Nirmal, Deputy Superintendent Gr.II Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
4. Shri Ramesh Sagar, Assistant Superintendent Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
5. Shri Jagan Nath, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
6. Shri Dharam Pal Upmanu, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
7. Shri Ran Singh, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
8. Shri Anand Praksah Kaushik, Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2002
9. Shri Sunil Gupta, Law Officer Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
10. Shri S.K. Matta, Deputy Suprintendent Gr.II Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
11. Shri Udai Raj, Assistant Superintendent Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
12. Shri Atma Ram Thakur, Asstt. Factory Supervisor Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
13. Shri Jai Bhagwan, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
14. Shri Inder Jeet Singh, Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2003
15. Shri Sunil Gupta, Law Officer Distinguished Service 26.01.2007
16. Shri Rakesh Sharma, Deputy Superintendent Meritorious Service 26.01.2007
17. Shri Dharambir Dabas, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2007
18. Shri Prakash Chand, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2007
19. Shri Dheeraj Mathur, Assistant Suprintendent Meritorious Service 26.01.2008
20. Shri Jai Singh Malik, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2008
21. Shri Chokhe Ram Garg, Deputy Inspector General Meritorious Service 15.08.2008
22. Shri Pradeep Sharma, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 15.08.2009
23. Shri Vijay Goswami, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 15.08.2009
24. Shri Ved Prakash, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2010
25. Shri Rajesh Kumar, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2010
26. Shri S R Yadav, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 26.01.2010
27. Shri Raj Singh Suhag, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 26.01.2011
28. Shri Sanjay Gupta, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 26.01.2011
29. Shri Rameshwar Dutt, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2011
30. Shri Hans Raj, Assistant Superintendent Meritorious Service 15.08.2012
31. Shri Ramanand, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2012
31. Mohd. Aslam Khan, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2012
32. Shri Om Prakash,  Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2013
33. Shri Pradeep Kumar,  Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2013
34. Shri Rishi Kumar, Assistant Superintendent Meritorious Service 15.08.2013
35. Shri Yash Pal Negi, Head Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2013
36. Shri Sunil Kumar, Warder Meritorious Service 15.08.2013
37. Shri Dheeraj Mathur, Deputy Superintendent Gr-II Meritorious Service 26.01.2014
38. Shri Shivli Ram Meena, Head Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2014
39. Shri Hoshiyar Singh,  Warder Meritorious Service 26.01.2014
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