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*Order Krishi Bhawan date 23.02.2017 Regarding Strict Compliance of the provision contained in the flag of India  2002 and the prevention of insults to National Honour Act 1971-Reg

*Order date 28.02.2017 Regarding During Scrutiny for the Audit Period 2015-16

*Order date 10.02.2017 Regarding issue to all zo's by the strictly compliance the content of order

*order date 06.01.2017

*Order date 19.07.2016

*Order 02.01.2016 It has been observed by the Department that the Court Cases in the various Courts of  Hon'ble Metropolitan Magistrates have been increasing every month

*Order 15.12.2016 In the department W & M the salary, personal claim etc

*Order 6.07.2016 this has reference order date 30.05.2016 with regard to regular checking of the TR forms

*Order 10.11.2016 regarding 2011-sale of packaged commodities in packed form

*-Order-02-09-2016 For  LDCs

*-Order- Decline in verification fee - schedule vii and lr4

*-Regarding payment to contractual employees

*-Order relating to distribution of work among the LMO's

*-Order for biometric and transfer order of DEO

*-New Order1

*-New order2

*-New Order3

*-Order 12.08.2015 and subsequent reminder dated 26.11.2015 regarding Biometric Attendance

* Order 5.08.2016

* Order 7.04.2016

* Order 25.02.2016 in the compliance of section 4(1) of RTI Act 2005

*-Order 22-08-2016

*-Order 26-05-16

*-Order -Target for The Zone

*-Report -Form Format

*-Order 29-03-2016

* Order 20-05-2016

* Order 27-07-2015

* Order of ACLM Regarding court cases 9-08-2016

* Order of online Application 2-11-2015

* Order 20-11-2015

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Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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