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Between Delhi and Chicago on 10/10/2001. By Chief Minister of Delhi and Mayor of Chicago.The MOU is Open ended.
Between Delhi and London on 25/07/2002. By Chief Minister and Mayor of London.
Between Delhi and Ulaanbaatar on 25/05/2002. By Chief Minister of Delhi and Mayor and Governor of Ulaanbaatar.
Between Delhi and Moscow & St. Petersburg on 25/09/2002. By Chief Minister of Delhi and Mayor of Moscow.
Between Delhi and Fukuoka on 5/03/2007. By Chief Minister of Delhi and Mr. ASO Watroo, Government of Fukuoka.

Memorandum of Understanding for Extension for Twinning Agreement between Govt. of NCT of Delhi and Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Japan signed by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Delhi and Government Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Japan at 6.00PM on 16-01-2018 at New Delhi



A four-member delegation led by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dikshit visited Chicago from 8-11th October 2001 to sign the Sister City declaration between Delhi and Chicago after concurrence of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
The declaration was signed on 10th October, 2001 by the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Mayor of Chicago on the basis of friendly cooperation , equality and mutual benefit.
The sister - city relationship will promote and broaden cultural and economic cooperation and trade relations. It will also carry out wide exchanges in the fields of education, culture, transportation, housing, tourism, health, environment, administrative and technical training.


The Chicago Sister-Cities International Programme was established to build Chicago’s international relations through sister-city activities and exchanges that increased international trade and economic development and promote cultural and educational opportunities.
The Chicago Programme is affiliated with the sister-city international, a programme that was initiated by American President Dwight.D.Eisenhower in 1956 and now involves 2649 cities world-wide.
The Chicago Programme Foundation 1960 was established as a municipal programme in 1990 by the Mayor of Chicago, Mr. Richard M. Daley. Chicago has established official relationship with 21 international cities throughout the world.
The programme functions through a voluntary Board of Directors. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors meet quarterly to decide about the future course of action.


The areas identified for mutual cooperation are: Cultural, Educational, Trade, Health and Environment.


A Monitoring Committee was set up to monitor the follow-up actions on all the identified areas of mutual cooperation.
The Committee consists of Chief Minister as Chairman, Minister of Urban Development, Govt. of Delhi, Chief Secretary, Pr. Secretary (UD) as Member Secretary and Secretary, Art & Culture, MD, DTTDC.
Three special invitees are Sh. Rajiv Desai, President, IPAN, Sh. Promod Saxena, Country Head, Motorola Limited and Sh. Vikram Bakshi, MD, McDonalds. Smt. Renu Sharma, Secretary to CM is the Link Officer.



A four member delegation led by Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dikshit visited London from 23-25th July, 2002 to sign the Delhi London Friendship Agreement.
Other members of the delegation were Secretary (UD), GNCTD, Secretary to CM and Sh. Rajesh Jain, MLA. Minister (UD) could not accompany due to pre-occupation

Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, duly vetted a copy of the draft agreement sent by the office of Mayor of Greater London.
The Agreement was signed on 25th July, 2002 by the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Mayor of London with a view to supporting existing economic, cultural, social, technological and academic ties between the two cities.The agreement was renewed in November,2007.


London and Delhi, as capital cities of the United Kingdom and the Republic of India, come together to celebrate the enormous Indian contribution to London’s cosmopolitan society.
The Indian community, through its vitality and commitment to London, has greatly enriched all areas of London life, including the economy, culture, technology, and academia, and has played a major role in the development of London’s global position.
In recognition of above, Mr. Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London extended an invitation to Chief Minister of Delhi to visit London for the purpose of launching London Delhi Friendship Agreement in London.


The areas identified for mutual cooperation are:

Management and technology of cleaning of the River Yamuna,
Establishment of a system of recording property rights in growing metropolitan cities,
Linkages between tourism and preservation of cultural heritage of buildings and sites,
Solid Waste Management and reclamation thereof,
Micro surfacing/cold mix technology for road construction and
Traffic restraint techniques/measures – parking controls.


Joint Working Group

In order to formalize the follow-up action, a Joint Working Group with the members from both the cities was set-up. From London side, the following were the members for the Joint Working Group:

Metropolitan Police Service,
Transport for London,

Members from London Development Agency and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority would be confirmed later.
Specific Organizations and appropriate persons in London dealing with the areas of property registration, water quality and electricity were also conveyed.

From Delhi side, the following members have been proposed:
Pr. Secretary/Spl. Secretary (UD),
Secretary (Environment & Forests),
Member (Drainage), DJB – (after CEO suggests something specific),
Director-in-Chief (CSE), MCD – (after Commissioner has given a recommendation),
Divisional Commissioner and
Secretary (Tourism & Culture).

However, there may be deletion/addition of members depending upon the areas taken up for mutual collaboration.



As a sequel to the goodwill visit of Hon’ble Lt. Governor of NCT of Delhi to Ulaanbaatar, Capital of Mongolia from 10th – 13th December, 2001, a five member delegation led by Hon’ble Governor & Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, Mangolia Mr. M. Enkhbold visited Delhi, from 23rd-27th May, 2002 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Delhi and Ulaanbaatar after concurrence of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The declaration was signed on 25th May, 2002 in Delhi by the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Governor & Mayor of Ulaanbaatar to have cooperation in the areas of mutual interest.


Hon’ble Governor & Mayor of Ulaanbaatar had extended an invitation to Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi to visit Mangolia as a goodwill mission.
During this visit of Lt. Governor to Ulaanbaatar it was proposed by the Mangolian side for a protocol on the establishment of Sister City Relationship between Delhi and Ulaanbaatar.
On the advice of Ministry of External Affairs Hon’ble Lt. Governor extended a reciprocal invitation to the Governor of Ulaanbaatar to visit Delhi for promoting and broadening cultural, economic & trade relations with a purpose of wider exchanges in various fields like education, culture, transportation, housing, tourism, health, environment, administrative and technical training programme among others.


The areas identified for mutual cooperation are:
City Planning & Management, Health, Education, Civic Amenities, Social Matters, Information & Technology, Cultural, Training of Key Personnel in
mutually identified areas, Youth Exchanges, Sports and Tourism.


1. Letters to Commissioner, MCD, Pr. Secretary, Social Welfare, Special Secretary, Information & Technology, Secretary, Culture, Pr. Secretary, Training & Technical Education and Secretary, Education, Youth Exchange and Sports were requested to identify appropriate areas of cooperation which could be taken up for reciprocal exchanges between Delhi and Ulaanbaatar.
2. A Joint Working Group has been formed by both the cities. From Delhi side the working group would consist of Pr. Secretary (UD)/ Special Secretary, Special Secretary (IT) and Director (Education). From Ulaanbaatar the working group would consist of Mr. Ch. Bat, Director of Finance, Economy & Strategy Policy Development Deptt., Ms. Ch. Bayanchimeg, Director of Statistics & Informatic Deptt. and Ms. Ts. Tsogzolmaa, Director, Youth Development Deptt. Mr. Ch. Bat will be the coordinator from Ulaanbaatar city side and the Pr. Secretary/Special Secretary (UD) will be the coordinator from Delhi side.
3. In response to the letters sent to different departments of Govt. of Delhi for identifying areas of exchange between Delhi and Ulaanbaatar, the following departments have intimated the activities on which there could be mutual exchanges between the two cities:



A six member delegation led by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dikshit visited Moscow and St. Petersburg from 23-26th September, 2002. A Joint Statement was signed on 25th September, 2002 by the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Mayor of Moscow to have mutual and friendly cooperation for in the field of Art, Culture, Literature, Business and Economy, Construction and Architecture and Municipal Management.Renewed on 26th oct,2012. 


Relations between India and Russia are one of strategic partnership characterized by friendship, mutual trust, confidence and mutual benefit. Visit of Hon’ble Mayor of Moscow Lushkov to India in October 1996 provided a solid foundation for continuing contacts in all areas of cooperation between Delhi and Moscow.

The areas identified for mutual cooperation are:

Art, Culture and Literature,
Exchange programme between Museums and Theatres,
Exchange of information in the field of City economy, construction and architecture, municipal management, To promote co-operation between economic
bodies of Moscow and Delhi such s chamber of Commerce and industry, artisan chambers, unions of entrepreneurs and others and To attract social
organizations for development of partnership relations between two capitals and its citizens.


1. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi sent a message of thanks to the Mayor of Moscow for the hospitality extended for the visit on 11/10/02.
2. A formal invitation was sent to Dy. Mayor P.N.Aksyonov by Minister of Urban Development Govt. of NCT of Delhi on 13.12.2002 for leading a delegation to Delhi. In response to the invitation a nine-member delegation led by Dy. Mayor, Moscow was to come to Delhi from 25.3.2003 to 27.3.2003 however the March 2003 trip was postponed due to Assembly session in Delhi and Moscow delegation was advised to visit during the Ist week of May, 2003.
3. A technical level delegation from Moscow had proposed a visit during 21.4.2003 to 26.4.2003 and a working group meeting was to be rescheduled during October 2003. However the CS was of the view that there is no requirement for a technical level discussion prior to the meeting of Joint Working Group.
4. An invitation was received from the Mayor of Moscow inviting the youngsters upto the age of 23 years to participate in the 9th International Exhibition of youth in the field of Science & Technology i.e. Expo Science 2003 to be held in Moscow between 12-19th July 2003. Ambassador of India in Moscow was consulted in the matter, but no reply has been received so far.
5. The visit by the Joint Working Group from Moscow was revived after a telephonic discussion between Special Secretary (UD) & Counsellor & Director, in the Embassy of India in Moscow after obtaining the convenience of UDM for visit was chalked from 20-23 February 2004. However the visit could not take place, &Moscow side has requested for alternate set of dates for having the meeting of the Joint Working Group. It has been decide to wait for the communication from Moscow in this regard.s


The Government of NCT of Delhi and the Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Japan, entered into Friendship Agreement on the 5th of March’2007.
The agreement was signed by Mr. ASO Watroo, Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture and Smt. Sheila Dixit Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi.
The Memorandum of Understanding was exchanged by Mr. Shinsuke Eguchi, Treasurer of Fukuoka Prefectural Government and Dr. A.K. Walia, Hon’ble Minister
of Finance and Urban Development, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The MOU envisages the following: The agreement was renewed on 22nd Nov,2012.

1. To promote and expand mutually beneficial cooperation and economic development in both states within the limits of their financial, material and service capabilities and within the most current prevailing laws and regulations in their respective countries and states from time to time. To establish collaborative projects and assignment of mutual interest and benefits in identified areas.
2. Areas of Co-operations: - The areas of co-operations shall include culture, education, industry, tourism, medicine, agriculture, environment and urban development. – Which will include the establishment of direct contacts between people, enterprises and organizations.
a) Promote and participate in activities, which further cultural exchanges.
b) Encourage activities, which further the training and development needs in each state.
The Joint Agreement provides for the following exchanges between the two cities: -

The Fukuoka Prefecture Government proposes to host an “India Fair” at Fukuoka in the month of September’2007 and plans to look Indian Dance, Festival, Photo Exhibition and Traditional Craft Show during the proposed “India Fair”.
The Treasurer Fukuoka extended invitation to the Hon’ble Chief Minister and Finance Minister to attend and showcase Delhi’s cultural extra vaganza.
The Finance Minister of the National Capital assured the Fukuoka Treasurer that Delhi would certainly participate in the India-Fair at Fukuoka in September’2007 and invited Fukuoka Prefecture to participate in the Delhi Trade-Fair.
The Treasurer informed the “August Gathering” that the Fukuoka Prefecture had organized an Environmental Training Programme and an officer from the Environment Deptt. of Delhi had attended the same. He further informed that next year the invitation will be for two persons.
The Treasurer also informed that the Fukuoka shall share it’s experiences regarding environment with Delhi, since it faced lot of environmental problems.
The Third proposal was regarding sharing of exchanges with Kyosho Museum, Fukuoka and National Museum, Delhi.
The Fourth proposal was regarding sharing of ideas between Kyosho Power Plant and NTPC of Delhi.
To this the Finance Minister said that we have shortage of power in Delhi and would like to share Fukuoka’s experience.
The Final proposal was that of exchange of students of Fukuoka and Delhi in the field of Engineering & Technology. They wanted cooperate between IIT Delhi & Kyosho Institute of Technology.
The Finance Minister expressed his desire to improve the River Yamuna and get expertise in this area. The Treasurer replied that though they do not leave expertise in this area, they would still try to arrange.
The Principal Secretary (UD) clarified certain points, regarding the bilateral agreement. He said that most of the points covered involve institutional/agency of Central Govt., therefore forwarding so, the Delhi Government has to involve the Central Govt., since the NTPC, the National Museum and the IIT, will come under the control of Central Government.

The Treasurer has noted the suggestions and shall be working towards this.

6. Yervan(Armenia) Governor of yervan(13 Sept,2008)

7.Melbourne(Australia)-Friendship Agreement,Lord Mayor Clefdenshi,Delhi(3rd june,2008)

8. Beijing (China) Nov,2013- Ambassador of India to China and the Mayor of Beijing.

9.Memorandum of Understanding for Extension for Twinning Agreement between Govt. of NCT of Delhi and Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Japan signed by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Delhi and Government Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Japan at 6.00PM on 16-01-2018 at New Delhi

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