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List of Commercial Vehicles having expired fitness
Duplicate Fitness Certificate
F- Certificate-A Mandtory Requirement
Validation Fitness Certificate
Obtaining Fitness Certificate
Renewal of Fitness Certificate
Criteria for F-Certificate
Vehicles Plying Without Valid Certificate of Fitness
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my vehicle fitness certificate be canceled if my fitness certificate is valid but the vehicle is not safe & sound?

Ans. Yes it can. You have to maintain your vehicle fit through out the year in safe and sound condition

Q. What happens if my vehicle met with an accident after expiry of fitness?

Ans.Youwill be held responsible for plying vehicle without registrationand Insurance Company will not provide compensation to the victim.

Q. Where should I report for grievance redressed about the fitness of vehicles ?

Deputy Commissioner
Inspection Unit Burari Delhi - 110 081
Tel: 2761271

Transport Vehicle Fitness Fee

Inspection and Certificate Fee Structure of Transport Vehicle

Type of Vehicle -Testing Fee (Rs.) -Certificate Fee (Rs.)

i. Heavy Motor Vehicle -400- 100
ii. Medium MotorVehicle -300- 100
iii. Light Motor Vehicle -200 -100
iv. Three –Wheeled Vehicle- 100 -100

A certificate of fitness fee receipt is valid for 180 days from the date of issue subject to he validity of certificate of fitness. If a vehicle is failed in first inspection ,it is to be produced for re-inspection within 60 days from the date of first certification fitness fee receipt, failing which ,penalty will be charged at prescribed rate from the date of first certificate fitness fee receipt.

Late Fitness Fee

when a transport vehicle is produced for the issue/renewal of the certificate of fitness after the expiry of validity of last certificate of fitness , alate fitness fee along with re-registraion fee shall also be paid by the vehicle owner at the following rate :

For first 15 days @ Rs. 10/- (Rupess Ten Only ) per days

Beyond 15 days @ Rs. 20/- (Rupess Twenty Only ) per days

Re-registration fee Rs.

LMV/LGV 300/-

MMV/MGV 400/-

HMV/HGV 600/-

Imported Motor Vehicles 800/-

Renewal Of COF: Same as above

Duplicate COF

Fee of Rs. 250/- is payable for the Duplicate COF

Annual MCD Parking Fee Rs.

LMV/LGV 2500/-

MMV/MGV 4000/-

HMV/HGV 4000/-

Tourist Taxis 1500/-

DL1N/DL1VB 2500/-

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Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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