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How can you get the challan disposed of?
You have two option :
  1. By compounding

  2. By disposal in the Court
A) Disposal of Challan By Compounding

i) If you are challaned by traffic police
The challaning officer may compound the challan at the spot itself by depositing the notified amount.
ii) If you are challaned by Transport Department :

You may compound the challan at the spot itself by depositing notified amount.

Your challan will be compounded by the duty officer at Room No.G-3 at Transport Deptt. Head Qtr.,5/9, Under Hill Road between 10.00AM to 4.00PM on any working day. (Remember only certain offences can be compounded )

B) Disposal of Challan in The Court

For disposal in the Court you have to appear in the court on the date and place mentioned the challan. You will be trialled by the court depending upon whether you plead guilty or not.If you plead guilty court may impose penalty on the facts and circumstances of the case. If you do not plead guilty you may be asked by the court to submit the ground/documents on the basis of which you do not plead guilty. After hearing you and the challaning officer, the court will decide the case.
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