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A Toll Free YUVA phone line 10580 is being run at SCERT with the objective of providing support to adolescents, teachers and parents.


The YUVA Help line runs from 7.30 am to 7.00 pm on all working days.



Need for Help-line:
Adolescence is a dynamic phase of life between childhood and adulthood. This phase is characterized by turbulence in many because of the fast physical, emotional and mental changes under the influence of hormones.

  • Sometimes adolescents are full of joy and self-discovery and at times they have a feeling of isolation and rebellion.
  • Various pressures including age, peer, media, education, health, and social sector impact their knowledge, attitude, skills, and behaviors.
  • During the phase of adolescence, they get involve in establishing their identity.
  • At one end adolescents have to deal with fast occurring changes and at the other they have to deal with expectations from family, teachers and other members of the society.
  • Under these pressures adolescents feel that it is only their peers who understand, care and empathize with them and nobody else cares.
  • Many adolescents suffer from a number of complexes like poor body image/poor self-esteem.
  • They are unhappy because they have not been able to come up to the expectations of their parents.
  • Some have poor communication skills, leading to an inability to convey feelings adequately and consequently suffer from frustration, feelings of stress and tension, particularly with reference to performance at school.

Examination stress:

Besides the above problems that are characteristic of their age, other pressures like examinations which are unavoidable in the current system of education may create problems for many.

  • Adolescents are pressurized by adults to excel in the examinations.

  • Under these circumstances most students suffer from anxiety about examination and their performance. This can be disastrous.

  • Many students do not know how to handle stress, sometimes it leads to running away from home or suicide attempts.

 It is expected that all adolescents will become responsible adults and productive citizens of the country. For this they need supportive environment and guidance to reach their goal. Healthy and well adjusted adolescents of today will become productive and pragmatic leaders of tomorrow.

  • They need accurate and age appropriate information.

  • Then they are in distress, they should be provided counseling.

  • They should also be provided information on various career options. 

SCERT YUVA Cell and Department of Education, NCT of Delhi has taken steps in this direction. A toll free Help-line is running in SCERT for the support of adolescents and young people.


YUVA Help-line also aims at teachers who are also under lot of pressure to deliver.


The Help line is manned by professionally trained and YUVA sensitized “Educational and Vocational Guidance Counselors” from Directorate of Education. These counselors are updated from time to time towards the new courses, admission procedures, and employment avenues. Training programmes are conducted to sharpen their counseling skills.

This help line is advertised through advertisements in newspapers, radio and display of posters in schools.


Adolescents and young people can call if:

  • They are confused and uncertain about the future

  • They are not able to resolve and manage feelings, emotions, anxiety, and stress.

  • They are unsure about themselves, have poor body image and need help to develop self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

  • They are worried about their relationship with others.

  • They need support for pacifying emotional upheavals and tackling low feelings, disappointments and frustrations.

  • They have queries on growing up issues related to adolescence.

  • They need information on admission and career.


The help line receives 100-200 calls a day. The calls are from adolescents, parents, and teachers. Adolescents usually call to seek guidance about their personal problems, like low self-esteem, emotional upheavals, stress related issues, confusions about choice of subjects, interpersonal conflicts. They also call to get information about admission procedures and for career guidance. Parents/teachers call to discuss the behavioral problems of adolescents.



Do you need help!!
Call at YUVA Help-line toll free number-10580

We look forward to your call and we assure that we will try our best to provide you support.

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