Two year Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education
Diploma in Early Childhood care Education
Two year Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education

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ETE is a full-time Diploma course of two years duration. A total of 1040 candidates in 9 DIETs and 1050 candidates in 17 Private ETE Teacher-Training Institutes shall be admitted. Out of 1040 Seats, 20 seats for 'Teaching of Urdu' and 20 for 'Teaching of Punjabi' are allotted at DIET Darya Ganj and DIET Karkardooma respectively. The medium of instruction for other subjects/activities and examinations shall be English/Hindi.


The syllabus of the course consists of theory papers, school experience programme, assignments, seminars, workshops and practical work etc. The distribution of course in outline is as follows:


Course Code Title of Paper Max Marks
Internal External Total
1 Philosophical Perspectives of Education 10 40 50
2 Child Development 10 40 50
3 Educational Technology 10 40 50
4 Teaching of Hindi(I)/Urdu(I)/Puniabi(l) 10 40 50
5 Teaching of Mathematics) 10 40 50
6 Sociological Perspective of· Education 10 40 50
7 Teaching of EVS (Science) (I) 10 40 50
8 Teaching of EVS (Social Science)(1) 10 40 50
9 Teaching of Health and Physical Education (I) 20 30 50
10 Teaching of Work-Experience (I) 30 20 50
11 Teaching of Art Education (I) 30 20 50
12 School Experience Prorgramme 100 - 100


13 Process of Children's Learning 10 40 50
14 Teaching of EVS (Science) (II) 10 40 50
15 Teaching of EVS (Social Science)(11) 10 40 50
16 Teaching of Health and Physical Education (II) 20 30 50
17 Teaching of Work-Experience (II) 30 20 50
18 Treading of Hindi(lI)/Urdu(II)/Punjabi(lI) 10 40 50
19 Teaching of Mathematics(lI) 10 40 50
20 Teaching of Art Education (II) 30 20 50
21 School Organisation and Management 10 40 50

C. Optional Papers (Anyone of the following papers)

22 Guidance and Counselling 10 40 50
23 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) 10 40 50
24 Education of Children with Disabilities 10 40 50
25 Teaching of English 10 40 50

Any one of the following papers

26 Non-Formal Education and Adult Education 10 40 50
27 Population Education 10 40 50
28 Value Education 10 40 50
D.29 School Experience Programme 100 - 100
30 Practical (comprehensive Evaluation in grades) A To E
31 English Language Skills A To E
32 Theatre in Education A To E
33 Adult Literacy Activities .A To E


Papers/Activities mentioned in category A, Band D above are compulsory. Paper mentioned in category C above are optional papers.
The course contents are subject to change by the competent authority as and when warranted.

School Experience Programme :
School Experience Programme (SEP) will be for one full term of the school and will be conducted for 40 working days as per NCTE norms, every year by all the DIETs and recognized Private Teacher Training Institutions.
The students will be required to teach all the four teaching subjects viz Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi, Maths, EVS (Science) and EVS (Social Science) alongwith other subjects mentioned in the ETE curriculum during School Experience Programme.
School Experience Programme for ETE trainees will be organized in MCD Schools/NDMC Schools/ Schools of Directorate of Education, GNCT of Delhi.
The Teacher Trainees will be placed under the over all supervision of the respective heads of schools taken for SEP and shall perform all duties assigned to him/her in addition to the compulsory activities under SEP.

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