Press Release on Chikungunya & Dengue for urgent attention., 16 September 2016


New Delhi: 16/09/2016

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Union Health Minister and Hon’ble Health Minister GNCT of Delhi on 16.09.2016 to review the status and scenario of Vector Borne Diseases in Delhi. It was discussed that reporting of all the Vector Borne Diseases should be done on priority basis from every hospital, nursing home, laboratory to the concerned government agencies without failure which is imperative for monitoring the situation and for appropriate preventive measures including fogging of the concerned region. Private hospitals not to create panic by releasing data directly to the press.

It was discussed All the Sentinel Surveillance hospitals and private hospitals and establishments are instructed to forward daily report through e-mail with complete details including addresses and phone numbers of the patients so that appropriate preventive measures including fogging of the concerned region can be done.

It was emphasized that Chikungunya is a viral disease which is self limiting by symptomatic treatment like maintaining good hydration with electrolyte intake by taking lot of liquids in the form of ORS with water , coconut water, shikanji, milk, lassi, fresh fruit juice, etc and proper rest and hydrotherapy if the fever is high. It rarely cause mortality except in high risk groups like elderly patient with co-morbid conditions like cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, patient of chronic renal diseases, patient on immunosuppressant drugs. It is advisable that panic should not be created in case of fever and they should report to the nearest Govt. dispensary, Mohalla clinic or hospital or any medical facility and take the treatment after consulting a doctor. If the patient feels any warning signs like dizziness, altered sensorium, breathing difficulty, excessive vomiting or bleeding from either gums, nose, vomitus, urine, stools, etc. in dengue patients, they must report to the hospital immediately without delay. Looking at the relatively high chikunguniya mortality figures being reported by some of the private hospitals, it was decided to requisition complete information like case sheet and death summary of all the fatal cases from such hospitals. It was also informed that the Dengue Death Review Committee, constituted by Govt. of Delhi is examining all such deaths in detail and will soon come out with the causes of death.

IN the afternoon, a meeting of the Dengue Task Force was convened under the chairmanship of Secretary Health, Govt. of Delhi. The officers from NCDC and NIMR were instructed to conduct research work regarding the circulating strain of Dengue and Chikungunya virus and mosquito surveillance for local transmission respectively. The three MCDs was directed for conducting fogging drives on campaign basis all over Delhi particularly in the areas from where more number of cases are getting reported.

The representative from NVBDCP suggested that every Sunday should be observed as Swachhata Day and the drive starts from 18th September. Since the aedes mosquito breeds in fresh stagnant water, the public should be advised not to let collect water inside their houses and surroundings. All the families should carry out sanitation and source reduction activities by stopping the mosquito breeding by removing of all the outdoor junk/tyres/receptacles/plastic containers etc. Probable rain fed containers should be dried or removed from surroundings of human habitats, parks, and horticulture nursery etc. In DTC workshops/depots and police malkhanas, special drive against dumped vehicles & junk must be undertaken. Special notice should be issued to all hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and offices to maintain mosquito free environment.

All the Zonal entomologist, field workers, domestic breeding checkers were directed to cross check for vector breeding in domestic/institutes.

Immediately thereafter, a review of case management and hospitals was done. The Medical Superintendents reported that Fever Clinics are operational in all hospitals and dispensaries. Emphasis should be given on counseling of patients for home management, maintenance of hydration and Hydrotherapy. High risk group with co morbidity co infection old age etc should be monitored to avoid progression of any complications. In all the govt. hospitals necessary arrangements have been done to deal with the fever patients including free of cost treatment and admission.


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