Delhi govt plan on air pollution reduction submitted in the Supreme Court, 16th December 2015


New Delhi: 16/12/2015

Delhi govt action plan on air pollution reduction submitted in the Supreme Court

Delhi government has submitted a detailed action plan in the Supreme Court on steps being taken to improve air quality and reduce air pollution in the national capital.

The plan was finalized in a meeting on Sunday, which was attended among others by Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia and PWD Minister Mr Satyendar Jain (the nodal minister to implement the government’s action plan on air pollution reduction).

Main Points of the action plan are as follows :

(a) Delhi Government is ready to take over the ECC collection from the Concessionaire, SMYR Consortium LLP w.e.f. 01.04.2016 on the same terms and conditions between the said Concessionaire and MCD.

(b) It is also proposed that committee of representatives of the Government of India, Delhi Government, other stake holders and experts be constituted and the constitution of EPCA be reviewed and reconstituted.

(c) That the issue of diesel vehicles can be successfully tackled if the registration of all diesel vehicles is banned by all neighboring States too in addition to Delhi, otherwise, the problem will not be resolved as diesel vehicles get registered by these other state agencies.

Other important measures proposed by Delhi Government in view of the increasing pollution levels in Delhi:

1. Vacuum cleaning of all PWD roads in Delhi to start from 01.04.2016 at regular intervals.

2. To avoid dust rising from unpaved footpaths & central verges, the process of putting grass/ plantation on them to start from 01.01.2016.

3. To allow either odd or even number vehicles on alternate days from 01.01.2016.

4. To close down coal-based Rajghat & Badarpur power stations.

5. Make appeal to NGT to close down Dadri Power Plant which is very old & a major source of pollution for Delhi.

6. To allow entry of trucks into Delhi from 11 PM onwards rather than 9 PM.

7. To explore the possibility of checking the pollution level of each truck entering Delhi at night & imposing very heavy fines on those that do not meet pollution standards.

8. To increase suitably the timings of Delhi Metro both in morning and at night.

9. To develop an App through which people can report any burning of bio-waste or a polluting vehicle.

10. All MCD parking lots made on PWD roads & causing traffic jams to be removed. DDA and Delhi government to work together to have as many multi - level parkings as feasible.

11. To ask Government of India to take steps to implement Euro VI fuel standards in Delhi from 01.01.2017 and Euro IV across India

12. Elevated roads

13. That DDA should allot land to Delhi Government at nominal rates for additional fleet of buses.

14. Department to issue advertisements containing appeal to the public to get their PUC certificates renewed timely. PUC certificates to be checked thoroughly during the period of implementation of scheme.

Environment Department

1. Department to move urgent application before NGT for issuance of orders enabling the Department to impose stringent fine on polluting vehicles.

2. DPCC to issue challans to the identified major construction sites in the NCT. All these sites would be visited every week.

3. Apart from major construction sites, construction sites spread over an area of 400 sq mts. to 20,000 sq mts would be visited by SDMs and MCD officers and challans will be issued.

4. To enable citizens to lodge complaints of pollution emanating from construction sites, relevant telephone numbers would be displayed at prominent places.

5. The section officers of DDA and MCDs would be challaned on reporting of cases of burning of horticultural waste in parks.

6. The Chief Engineer of DDA will be challaned if burning of waste is reported from the banks of river Yamuna which comes under ‘o’ Zone. Letter informing the proposed action to be sent to VC-DDA.

7. Testing of air samples at different locations to be started early.

8. Department to explore the possibility of purchasing or hiring big machines which not only collect air samples but also give test results.


Ø Transport Minister has informed that consequent upon his meeting with the union of Contract Carriage Bus owners and the meeting of Hon’ble Education Minister with School representatives, it has emerged that nearly 4000 contract carriage buses being run on CNG and 2000 school buses would become available for the duration of scheme. These buses would be connected with DTC Depots and a pricing model for them would be worked out.

Ø Auto rickshaws will be connected with the ‘Poochho’ app. Through the app citizens would be able to call an auto rickshaw at their residence.

Ø Concept of genuine car pooling, devoid of any commercial interest, to be promoted.

Ø Department to find out the best technology available for checking pollution caused by moving trucks at borders so that deterrent fine may be imposed on polluting trucks through issue of notification under the relevant Act.

Ø All trucks should move to BS-4 and the Central Govt. should cooperate for EURO-6 for all vehicles.


1. Air samples will be taken by stationary and hand held machines at 200 places. Display Boards to be put up at these locations to sensitise citizens about the issue. On the basis of the results of testing, analysis of the local causes of pollution to be undertaken.

(Action: Secretary (Environment)

2. To begin with, the odd- even vehicles will be implemented for the period January 1, 2016 to January 15, 2016 and based on the experience, further decisions will be taken.

3. The scheme will be implemented from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm every day. However, Sundays will be exempted.

4. Odd numbered vehicles will be allowed to run on odd days. Similarly even numbered vehicles will run on even days.

7. In the existing nine clusters, 1000 new cluster buses will be added in three months.

(Action; Principal Secretary (Transport)


Ø Bus lanes created as per Hon’ble Supreme Court order to be marked and subsequently cleared of all encroachments.

Ø All pot holes on PWD roads to be repaired by 31.12.2015.


Ø Lung Function Test (LFT) to be carried out at different places; thereafter test results to be released.


Ø MCDs will challan trucks carrying construction material without proper cover.


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