DDC vice-chairman letter to Mr Venkaiah Naidu on Kathputli Colony, 20th May 2016

Directorate of Information & Publicity
Government of NCT of Delhi

New Delhi: 20/05/2016

Please find attached the letter written by the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) vice-chairman, Mr Ashish Khetan to Union Urban Development Minister Mr M Venakiah Naidu, drawing his attention to the plight of the people living in Kathputli colony JJ Basti, New Delhi.

Mr Khetan has requested Mr Naidu to issue directions to the DDA to rehabilitate the Kathputli colony JJ Basti residents as per the above mentioned Policy and the Protocol notified by DUSIB, which is the nodal agency.


Mr M Venkaiah Naidu ji
Hon’ble Minister
Urban Development
Government of India

I would like to draw your kind attention to the plight of the people living in Kathputli colony JJ basti, Delhi. As you must be aware that DDA has made a project for in-situ redevelopment and rehabilitation of this basti and the said project was awarded to a private builder more than seven years ago. However, since then very little progress has been made for rehabilitation of the people living in this basti. Since the basti was under rehabilitation, at least on paper, even steps for in-situ improvement have not been taken. As a result the living conditions in the basti have gone from bad to worse. Hundreds of families comprising of infants, elderly people and women are living in conditions which are not fit for human habitation. Open drains overflowing with sewage, electricity wires hanging dangeroulsy low, garbage scattered all around, entire area stinking with the smell of human faeces and municpal solid waste make the colony virtually Dante’s hell. It is high time that we resolve the matter and take effective steps for rehabilitation of this basti at the earliest.

2. You will be glad to know that Govt of NCT of Delhi through DUSIB ( Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board) has formulated a policy for rehabilitation of JJ bastis in Delhi namely; Delhi Slum & JJ Rehabilitation and Relocation Policy, 2015 (Part A & Part B), a copy of which is enclosed as Annexure- A’. Meanwhile, Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in a PIL has directed DUSIB to draw a Protocol containing steps to be followed prior to, during and after the removal of jhuggies and JJ bastis in Delhi and also issued the following directions:

i) Under the DUSIB Act, the responsibility for conducting surveys, ascertaining which of the JJ Bastis and jhuggis would be entitled for in-situ improvement /development or resettlement and rehabilitation vests with DUSIB;

ii) DUSIB is the Nodal Agency entrusted with the statutory responsibility under the DUSIB Act for rehabilitation and relocation of JJ bastis in Delhi;

iii) It is essential that a uniform approach is adopted as regards all the jhuggis and JJ Bastis in the NCT of Delhi; and

iv) The protocol drafted by DUSIB shall be followed by all agencies including the Delhi Police in the event of any action for removal of JJ Bastis in the future.

3. In pursuance of the above order, DUSIB has drafted a detailed Protocol which has been approved by the Board and submitted to the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, a copy of which is attached as Annexure-B’.

4. In view of the above, it is suggested that you may like to issue directions to DDA to rehabilitate the

Kathputli colony JJ basti as per the above mentioned Policy and the Protocol notified by DUSIB, being the Nodal Agency.

5. Further, I would personally like to come and discuss how the matter could be resolved urgently and to the satisfaction of the inhabitants of the said basti. Kindly convey your convenience so that a meeting could be organized in your office.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Ashish Khetan)

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