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Know About Raj Niwas

Raj Niwas (Sanskrit for Government Residence) is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governors of Delhi. It is located in the city of Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The History of Raj  Niwas

The area in which Raj Niwas is located, has been playing an  important part in the administrative history of Delhi for over 175 years. It  lay just north of the 17th century city of Shahjahanabad, adjoining  the Mughal garden known as Qudsia Bagh.

LG HouseAfter the British East India Company established their  administrative control over Delhi in 1803, slowly a few large British houses  came up here.  These included Ludlow Castle  – a big bungalow built by Simon Ludlow, the Civil Surgeon of Delhi.  In 1844 Ludlow Castle became the residence of  the highest official in Delhi - the Commissioner and Agent to the Governor  General. 

In the decades after the Revolt of 1857, more bungalows were  built in this area, leading to the creation of Civil Lines.  The road came to be known as Ludlow Castle Road.  Ludlow Castle was occupied in the late 19th  century by the Delhi Club, and later by a school.  The Chief Commissioner of Delhi moved to a  smaller bungalow on the same road – 6, Ludlow Castle Road. This is the site and  address of the present Raj Niwas, and the road is now known called Raj Niwas  Marg.