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A. Every user of weights, measures, weighing  machines in course of trade or production is  required to get verified such weighing and  measuring units periodically from weights &  measures department. As shown in the  adjoining picture, the verification stamp mark  on the bottom of the weight shows the quarter  and year of verification on the lead seal, for  example A-stands for 1st quarter, B- for second, C-for third etc. of a calendar year. The last two digits of the year are also stamped on the seal. The periodicity of verification of weighing and measuring unit is prescribed as follows:-

two years for cast iron weights/brass weights,

one year for all other categories of weights, measures and weighing and measuring machines.

Consumers may check the valid stamp on cast iron/brass weights, electronic weighing machines, steel meters for measuring cloth, petrol dispensing units, counter scales, milk and kerosene oil measuring vessels, TSR/Taxi fare meters and any other measuring instrument being used for commercial purposes, before purchasing any item or hiring services.

A. Please ensure that the weights & weighing machines used by the seller have been verified by, and bear valid stamp of the Weights & Measures Deptt. In case of Electronic Weighing Machine, please see the "zero" reading before weighment of the item being purchased to ensure the needle points to "zero" marking on the display panel when no weight is used. The seller should not use weights like coins, stones and woodpiles.

Q. What is the time schedule for disposal of various categories of cases regarding weights & measures ?

A. Time limit prescribed for disposal of various categories of cases in the department is as follows :-



Time Limit



Verification & stamping of weights & measures, weighing and measuring instruments being used in trade/ commerce/ transaction/protection

Seven days

Zonal officer


Matters related to commodities being sold in packaged form.

Fifteen days

Zonal officer


Matters related to less measurement/ weighment etc.,

Fifteen days

Zonal officer


Issue of licence

Sixty days

Zonal officer


Calibration of fare meters

Same day

Zonal officer


Calibration of tank lorry

Same day

Zonal officer


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