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S.No. Subject
1. Extract of section 95 D.M.C. Act, 1957  
2.Extract Of Section 516 D.M.C. Act, 1957      
3.Extract of Clause 3 & 9 of the D.R.T.A.(Condition of Appointment & Service ) Regulations, 1952.
4.Extract of Clause No.15 of the D.R.T.A. (Condition of Appointment &  Service ) Regulations, 1952.
5.Office Order Clarifying Severity of punishment i.e. Warning Reprimand and Censure.
6.Standing Orders governing conduct of employees of Under-Taking .
7.Office Order & Memoranda regarding private  trade, endorsing of copies of representations to higher authorities, bigamous marriage and definition of moral turpitude.
8.Executive instruction on procedure regarding disciplinary action & apples and office order regarding supply of copies of document to ex-employees.
9.Executive instructions on procedure regarding disciplinary action.
10.Office order regarding time for holding of enquiries furnishing past record statement ,authority to try cases after the employee is transferred .
11.Office Order regarding appeals.
12.Memoranda and office order regarding  (i) imposition of punishment on retainer crew. (ii) Stipulation of words with/ without cumulative effect/ substantive pay in procedure for disciplinary cases. (iv) Disciplinary cases against retainers crew. (v) Proforma  charge sheet.
13.Consolidated statement showing the delegations of disciplinary power to the various officers.
14.Consolidated statement showing the delegations of powers to dispose of appeals.
15.Office  memoranda  regarding formation of central Section.
16.Office orders regarding implementation o f recommendations made by Study Team.
17.Office order regarding procedure for declaring employees as absconders etc.
18.Office order regarding checking of Conductor’s Cash Section extension of way-bills , procedure, in respect of challan book, shortage committed by the conductors   calculation of  sales of tickets & excess cash found with conductor , simplification of procedure of  writing report  by checking official etc.
19.Office order ,memorandum in respect of  employees placed  under suspension and  employees involved in criminal cases.
20.Office order  regarding  procedure to be followed  for imposing fine on conductor and driver. List of offences – Conductors and Drivers etc.
21. Procedure of summary trails and relavant  office order.
22.Office orders and memorandum on cases of theft, damage  and loss caused to be the Undertaking – procedure.
Consolidated statement showing the delegation of power to various officers to order recoveries from wages.
Office order in regarding of cases of loss of tickets etc. and non-issued of tickets.
Office order regarding unauthorized driving of DTU Vehicles etc.
Office order No. 201, 119 and 2 of 1954, 1955 & 1956 respectively regarding employees  prosecuted  while on duty.
Office Memorandum regarding recording of evidence of the witness.
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