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About Us

The Khadi & Village Industries Schemes are the backbone of the Rural India's Economy.  Khadi was evolved as a concept during India's struggle for freedom against  the colonial British Raj. This signified concept of Swadeshi, the popular  slogan of the freedom struggle in the early 20th Century, and in concrete  term was an assertion of Indian capability to manufacture their own cloth in contrast to the imported fabric coming from Manchester and Lancashire  that had initially provided incentives to the British Thrust in India  in the aftermath of industrial revolution. Naturally in the pre independence  era, the scheme was implemented by the NGOs.


After independence — even though the cause of the concept was no more in existence, the Govt.  felt the need to provide rural artisans with requisite support organisation  in order to help them to flourish. In 1957 a statutory body the Khadi  Village Industries Commission was established with the objective to  plan, program, and promote Khadi & Village Industries. At the level of  the State, it was decided to have a State Khadi & Village Industries Boards.  All State Khadi & Village Industries Board in the country are financed  by the KVIC to implement the schemes in their states in accordance with  their norms and guidelines and keeping in view the local conditions. 

                            Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board is a statutory body of Govt. of NCT of Delhi established in 1983 (01-05-1983) by extending Himachal Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board Act, 1966 to the Union Territory of Delhi.

The main aim of the Board is to promote and popularize Khadi & Village products and create awareness among the masses and also to generate employment in the National Capital Territory of Delhi NCT of Delhi especially in the rural as well as in urban areas of Delhi.

Although an Autonomous Body, the Board is a 100% Govt. Aided Institution with Principal Secretary Industries, Govt. of Delhi as its administrative Head.

Delhi Khadi &  Village Indusries Board —  The Board has been last constituted on 17-07-2015 as under:-

1. ......Vacant                      :Chairman
2. ..........Vacant................. :Vice Chairman
3. Sh. Ashok Agarwal:Member       
4. Sh. Sanjay Gupta:Member
5. Pr. Secretary (Industries),Govt. of NCT of Delhi. :Member     
6. The Managing Director, Delhi Scheduled Caste Financial Development Corporation, Govt. of NCT of Delhi:Member
7. Representative of Khadi & Village Industries Commission:Member
8. Managing Director, Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board:Member Secretary

In the  N.C.T. of  Delhi, the implementation of the KVI scheme is done by the Delhi  Khadi & Village Industries Board, which was established on 1.5.83. This  Board has been reconstituted from time to time; the last one on 19.06.2014. The Board is working as an  implementing agency for the developmental schemes launched from time to  time by the KVIC, Govt. of India and Govt. of NCT of Delhi & offer  different kind of services.


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