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Aims and Objectives

          The aims and objects for which the society is set up are :-  
  1. To establish a Society as a centre of excellence of alternative modes of  resolution of disputes and also consensus building in Delhi.
  3. To establish institutionalized mechanism of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  and consensus building in Delhi for resolution of disputes of various types at  the pre and post litigation stages.
  5. To establish, develop and maintain institute(s) on Alternative Dispute Resolution  or related subjects and to get it affiliated/ recognized with any University in  the Country or abroad or to have its own regular or deemed University.
  7. To undertake, prescribe study courses and research projects in Alternative Dispute  Resolution.
  9. To impart training in Alternative Dispute Resolution and related subjects.
  11. To award degrees/ diplomas/ certificates to persons who have satisfactorily  completed approved courses of study and/ or research and have passed examinations  as may be prescribed from time to time.
  13. To provide financial assistance to learned scholars and societies for their  approved projects.
  15. To provide fellowships, scholarships, grant-in-aid etc. to societies or  individuals to hold seminars and conferences, and for the publication of books,  Monographs, journals, proceedings of conferences as well as establish prizes  and medals in recognition of merit.
  17. To help parties resolve their disputes amicably,  economically and quickly.
  19. To help clear backlog of cases from the courts.
  21. To help save cost of litigation and cost of Courts and the State.
  23. To empower communities and individuals with strength, skills and resources to  express and resolve their conflicts peacefully and appropriately suiting their  culture and environment and to increase social harmony in the society.
  25. To develop a system for handling, training, teaching and resolving disputes and to  develop phased strategical plans.
  27. To establish various ADR centers and clinics in Delhi targeting individuals or combined  types of disputes.
  29. To publicize, advertise and create awareness in the public, litigants, lawyers and  others about the processes and benefits of ADR and related subjects including  consensus building.
  31. To provide and disseminate information, know how, experiences and literature etc.  relating to ADR and related subjects including consensus building.
  33. To undertake, organize and facilitate the study courses, conferences, seminars,  workshops, camps, lectures and research in the matters relating to ADR, etc.
  35. To train the public, trainers  and others for the purpose of creating a resource persons reservoir in ADR,  etc..
  37. To develop various other suitable and dispute specific models of ADR for different  target groups.
  39. To empanel competent and sufficient number of neutrals for ADR in and outside the  centers of the society on the terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the  society.
  41. To appoint or to empanel the eminent psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors,  social workers, NGOs etc.
  43. To appoint or empanel Engineers, Values, Designers, Architects, Accountants etc.  for the purpose of promoting cause of ADR and related subjects.
  45. To establish relations with  various institutions, financial institutions, government authorities,  universities, hospitals and other bodies etc. within and outside the country  for the purpose of promoting cause of ADR.
  47. To enhance the capabilities of  the existing trained neutrals to improve their quality of training.
  49. To assist, interact and collaborate in promoting ADR with other institutions and  bodies, both within the country and abroad.
  51. To undertake, publish and  disseminate the results of the cases settled or not.
  53. To assign cases to neutrals  for mediation or such other related, connected purposes etc. on the terms as  may be decided by the society.
  55. To register all or specific  type of cases (Pre or Post litigation) settled outside the centre at the  instance of the neutral or party(ices) on the terms and conditions as may be  decided by the society.
  57. To award certificates,  diplomas and post graduate diplomas and other distinctions to the trained  neutrals and the referring judges depending upon the type of training and  courses undertaken by them and also the success rate of referring judges and  neutrals.
  59. To establish procedures for smooth functioning of the society in carrying out  activities in matters relating to personnel, finance, administration, purchases  and management of centers, libraries, lecture halls, auditorium, hostels etc.
  61. To prepare, print and public  papers, periodicals, monographs and books, in furtherance of the objectives of  the Society.
  63. To do all such other lawful  acts and things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the  objectives of the society.
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