DUDA Orders

S. No. Details
1 Sanction of Chairman(Supplying and fixing of steel benches at different location of RK Puram AC-44)
2 Sanction of Chairman(Providing and fixing dustbin at different lacation of R.K. Puram AC-44)
3 Sanction of Chairman(Providing and fixing of SFRC benches in various inner square at different lacation of R.K. Puram AC-44)
4 Sanction of Chairman(Providing and fixing outdoor exercise fitness equipment adjacent to Gas Godam near S.K.V C- Block Naraina Vihar)
5 Sanction of Chairman(Providing and fixing of 300 mps street indicator S.S. sign board in various streets of Rajinder Nagar)
6 Sanction of Chairman(Providing and Fixing S.S. benches 10 nos. at various locations in Rajinder Nagar AC - 39)
7 Sanction of Chairman(Installation of New Street Light at Budh Nagar, Inderpuri and Naraina Vihar)
9 Sanction of Chairman(Contruction of open surface drain covering with S.F.R.C. slab )
10 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement to lane by R.M.C and drainage system in gali no 1 Punjabi Basti)
11 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement and Development of Ghati Road by providing R.M.C and drainage system from Military road)
12 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Providing and laying interlocking paver (Kharanja) in Ka shmir House, Compound at Kushak Lane in New Delhi)
13 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Laying of 200mm dia sewer line for J.J. camp at old compound near White house at Bhagwan Dass road and Jyoti Rao fule marg)
14 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement of common sewer connection line near Partap building at Janpath lane)
15 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Providing and laying filtered water hydrant and deep well hand pumps in J.J. Clusters in the Constituency of CM GNCTD)
16 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Design, Supply and Installation of Outdoor Fitness Equipment from MLALAD fund in NDMC area)
17 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement of open covered drainage nail with RCC pipe and Connection with Sewwrage System at Sangli Mess)
18 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement strengthening of Road by providing Dense Carpeting in East Patel Nagar)
19 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Construction of Service Lanes by providing RMC in East Patel Nagar)
20 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Providing and Fixing 200 nos dustbin for various public places in Rajinder Nagar)
21 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Improvement strengthening of Road by providing dense carpeting from ladies park )
22 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(Constrauction of ladies and gents Toilet for Senior Citizen Hall in MIG Flat Prasad Nagar
23 Sanction of Chairman, DUDA(Improvement of Street of J.J.Cluster Shankar Camp)
24 Sanction of Chairman,DUDA(PF MS gates at Anant Ram Dairy Se 13 R.K, Puram)
25 Sanction Of Chairman, DUDA(Imp Development to lane by pdg RMC from flat no. C-47 to park in DTC Colony New Ranjeet Nagar in ward no. -96 KBZ)
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