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OPD Schedule
  1. Location  OPD services are situated in OPD  Block at ground floor


    Registration Time

    Consultation Time

    General OPD

        Weekdays : 900 hrs to 1600 hrs
        Saturday   : 900 hrs to 1300 hrs

     900 hrs to 1600 hrs (upto 1300 hrs. on Saturdays) or till the patient already registered is seen by the consultant, whichever is late.

    Specialty Clinics

       Weekdays : 900 hrs to 1600 hrs
        Saturday   : 900 hrs to 1300 hrs

     900 hrs to 1600 hrs (upto 1300 hrs. on Saturdays) or till the patient already registered is seen by the consultant, whichever is late.

    OPD Registration is computerized. OPD Card is issued at  main counter, OPD ground floor on payment of Rs. 10/- per card,which is valid for three months.

  3. You have right to consult any doctor/consultant.The Receptionist will assist you in locating your doctor.

  5. Every patient is allotted a token and are allowed entry to the Doctor’s chamber as per turn. The token no. is displayed in the Token Display Board and the patient enters the room as per displayed number.

  7. All patients are VIPs in the Sansthan. The Patients are seen on first come first serve basis. No VIP patients are seen out of turn. However, out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency.

  9. For consultation in Specialty and Super-specialty clinics, you need to have referred from general OPD of CBPACS. Referral from other hospitals is also accepted.

  11. Specialty Clinics – Kshara karma, Panchakarma, Agnikarma etc.

  13. Investigations: After OPD consultation, the treating doctor will fill up the requisition forms for  various investigations & direct/guide you to the concerned lab /dept.
      Sample collection centre for Blood, Urine, Stool etc. – Pathology Lab., First Floor.
      Certain specialized investigations are done on particular  days only.

    The report normally reaches the concerned OPD on the next OPD day.

  15. Many facilities are provided at OPD level e.g. ECG, Immunization Room, Contraception  and Minor Surgical Intervention, Physiotherapy, etc.

  17. Medical fitness and other such certificates are issued on request. For this purpose, please contact the central registration office, ground floor OPD or office of Medical Superintendent.

  19. The decision to admit a patient rests with the treating doctor. The patient will be admitted only if a vacant bed is available. But, in case of emergency, out of turn admission may be done.Similarly, the decision to permit continued hospitalization or discharge of the patient is the sole prerogative of the concerned doctor.

  21. Wheel chairs, patient trolleys etc. are available free of charge at the entrance of OPD.

  23. OPDs have waiting hall with chairs, TVs,lifts,ramp for Ortho OPD, public utilities like drinking water & toilets etc. at each floor.

  25. You should park your vehicle in the parking only. Parking is at owners risk.

  27. To meet day-to-day needs of patients, there is canteen and grocery shop, medical stores, book shops, general store.
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