Classrooms are meant to provide the conductive environment for learning. In BPIBS, Class rooms are large and capable of accommodating a large number of students without cramping. They are surrounded by large spacious verandahs for students to move and breathe freely. Faculty is dedicated to make classroom learning and transfer of knowledge dynamic and focused. To aid the faculty and make classroom learning interesting and for better understanding by students, in BPIBS Classrooms are equipped with Overhead LCD Projectors, Slide Projectors.

To carve out the professionals from the students and make them aware of corporate world and its scenario, classroom faculty is obliged to focus on problem raising and solving methodologies. Classrooms like all other sections of BPIBS are connected to internet and intranet. One HP-Pavilion Pentium-4 desktop is provided in each classroom. Maximum interaction between the faculty and the students is always the preference at BPIBS.


The library has a rich collection of books and journals predominantly related to computer science and management studies and their allied subjects to meet the present and future information needs of its users. The vast reservoir of knowledge is a source of constant value addition for the knowledge seekers and mental stimulation which help updating the knowledge for the faculty and students alike.As a Policy, BPIBS adds new books to the library every year.







BPIBS believes that attaining the real worth of the theories, hypothesis, and thorough learning of classroom environments is only possible when supplemented with adequate practicing in Labs and observing the theories, thesis and concepts to come into lives. With this vision BPIBS provides students a computing infrastructure spawning across heterogeneous range of H/w and S/w platforms for the student to learn and gain wide-ranging experience.






BPIBS vision is to provide Quality Education to all sections of society and observes the fact that monetory problems does not hinder the growth of students, BPIBS provides various Scholarships to the students enrolled. These scholarships are sponsored by Delhi Government and Directorate OF Techincal Education, Delhi. These are Merit-Cum-Need based scholarship and scholarships based on excellent past academic records.









We believe that teaching is not just loading the students with lectures and lessons. It is more about increasing the students comprehension levels through various interesting methods and tools. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented by well equipped facilities.An accredited, comprehensive college, BPIBS offers active learning in a vibrant atmosphere where students connect thier world.

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