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Aruna Asaf Ali Government Hospital

5, Rajpur Road

Government of NCT of Delhi



Ph. no. 011-23965532,23831524


Contact no of officers/staff of Aruna Asif Ali Hospital (updated on 30.05.2013)
Mobile Number Name  Designation
9560593130 Dr.S.K Sharma MS
9560593077 Dr.K.Goyal DMS
9818167631 Dr.Ashok Jaiswal SAG
9560593055 Dr.Ashish gopal specialist ent
9560593069 Dr.Preeti CasualtyMO
9560593076 Dr.Anuja Singhla SR Anaesthesia
9560593063 Dr.L.C.Gupta Jr.Splt Forensic
9560593070 Mr.Kapil Cashier
9560593060 Dr.Priyanka Das SR Gynae
9560593058 Dr.Santosh SR Ortho
9560593114 Dr.Manju Chugh Jr. Splt Surgery
9560593096 Hari Om Marwah PA to Pr.Secretary
9560593117 Dr.Yunus SR Anaesthesia
9560593106 Harpal Singh Pharmacist
9560593107 Dr.V.Solomi M.O
9560593102 Dr.C.K.Bortamuly S.M.O
9560593081 Dr.GP Kaushal Specialist Paediatrics
9560593122 Vishwajeet Driver
9560593124 Dorthy Sister Casualty i/c
9560593072 Sister N.Bhola Em OT
9560593097 Dr.Meraj SR Ortho
9560593066 Dr.Kumud Bharti M.O
9560593084 Dr.Ashitesh S.Baweja SR Forensic
9560593061 Dr.Kiran Kathpalia Dental Surgeon
9560593120 Dr.Ritu SR Anaesthesia
9560593121 Ved Prakash Driver
9560593082 Dr.Monica Chaudhary Micro HOD
9560593044 Dr.B.K.Sharma CMO(NFSG) forensic
9560593100 Dr.Asha Saxena HOD Eye
9560593046 Dr.Ritu Prasad Khiwal Jr. Splt Gynae
9560593056 Dr.Sangeeta Kumari M.O.Gynae
9560593104 Dr.Anubha Parikh M.O.
9560593105 Dr.Ramlal Vairakar SR Paeds
9560593050 Dr.Suinder CMO NFSG
9560593113 Zameer Ahmed Pharmacist
9560593109 Sister Sam Sister i/c Paeds
9560593112 Dr.Priya Ranjan M.O.
9560593116 Mr.Pawan Puchase Branch
9560593083 Dr.Prashant Kumar M.O.
9560593054 Dr.Sarita Kumari S.M.O
9560593059 Sister John I/C OT
9560593053 Dr.Nazat M.O.
9560593049 Dr.Akash Jhanjee Jr. Splt Mortuary
9560593080 Dr.B.Kanhar Splt Ortho 
9560593127 Ram Kumar Driver
9560593101 Dr.Sonali Bisht Jr. Splt Patho
9560593065 Dr.Rajesh Prasad C.M.O Paeds
9560593103 Dr.Vijay Khari M.O.
9560593048 Satyabhushan Gupta Pharmacist
9560593043 Dr.Deepshikha Jr.Splt Gynae
9560593085 Rajesh Tripathi Pharmacist
9560593095 Dr.Kamini Singhal M.O.
9560593115 Manoj Rana LDC General Store
9560593088 Sumati Kashyap Sister Labour room
9560593047 Dr.Sonelal Mortuary
9560593087 Mr. Babban LDC
9560593110 Dr Ritu Chopra Jr.Splt Paeds
9560593071 Dr.Lalit Kumar Sagar S.R.ortho
9560593118 Dr.Amit Kumar Sharma CMO(NFSG)
9560593119 M.Muthu Swami Driver
9560593078 Pravesh Aggarwal UDC
9560593093 Sister Saraswati Sister i/c
9560593062 Dr.Ravi Kanta M.O
9560593051 Dr.Rajendra Singh Jr.Splt Surgery
9560593129 Satish Chander Driver
9560593064 Dr.Payal Gupta S.R.obs
9560593130 Dr.Basavaraj S.R.obs
9560593098 Dr.Namrata Saxena S.R.obs
9560593123 Dr.Naveen Jr.Splt Anaesthesia
9560593079 Parveen Begum Med ward sister
9560593090 Dr.Anju Tyagi C.M.O. Gynae
9560593042 Dr.Hemant Jr.Splt Ortho
9560593045 Dr.Avinash Jr.Splt Medicine
9560593128 Ravinder Driver
9560593125 Mahendra(D) Driver
9560593075 Dr.Anuradha Khanna Jr.Splt Gynae
9560593067 Dr.Reema Mehta SR obs Gynae
9560593132 Sister Pushpa IIIrd floor
9560593131 NaveenKumar Jain Pharmacist
9560593111 Dr.P.S.Kiran Splt Radio
9560593137 Ravinder Sharma SA
9560593147 Dr.Somnath Mohanty SR Anaesthesia
9560593135 Dr.Deepti Rastogi SR obs Gynae
9560593136 Mr.Anil Kumar Sharma UDC
9560593133 Mrs Anubha Physiotherapy
9560593148 Mr.Y.M.Singh PA to Ms
9560593134 Mrs Aradhna Narula O.Therapy
9560593139 Rajesh Kumar Pharmacist
9560593146 Mr Kulvinder Administative officer
9560593144 Mr Rajkumar Pharmacist/Poor House
9560593143 Dr.Prem Srortho
9560593149 Dr.Anurag Mishra SR Medicine
9560593140 Dr.Ashok Jaiswal CMO(NFSG)
9560593150 Hoichong Kygen Sister ICU
9560593138 Dr.Surinder Kumar M.O.
9560593142 Sh.Rameshwar Nath Sharma Pharmacist
9560114786 Dr.Rehman CMO Casualty
9910422446 Dr.Sanjivini Gupta Jr.Specialist Anaesthesia
9560998811 Renu UDC
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