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1999 - 2000
(March 2000)
1. Delhi has a strong and vibrant economy. State Income, i.e, the Net State Domestic Product was Rs. 36504 crores in 1998-99, (current prices), representing a growth of 13.3 % over the previous year (Table 2.1) . Advance estimates for 1999-2000 indicate 11.5% growth in NSDP (current prices) during 1999-2000.
2. Gross State Domestic Product at current prices is estimated at Rs.44510 crores during 1999-2000 indicating a growth of 11.4% over the previous year (Table 2.3).

State Income of Delhi i.e. Net State Domestic Product at constant (1993-94) prices was estimated at Rs.25165 crores during 1998-99, representing a real growth of 5.8% in Delhi’s economy during 1998-99 (Table 2.2). Real growth in NSDP is expected to be 7.0% in 1999-2000 compared to 5.9% at the National level.


Gross State Domestic Product at constant prices is estimated at Rs. 29775 crores in 1999-2000, indicating a real growth of 7.0% over the previous year (Table 2.4). The real growth in Gross Domestic Product at National level during 1999-2000 is expected to be 5.9%.

5. The real growth in sectoral GSDP during 1999-2000 is expected to be 3.9% in the primary sector, 6.3% in the secondary sector and 7.2% in the tertiary sector.
6. The table below summarizes the growth picture in Delhi during the last four years :
Statement 2.1
1996-97 1997-98 1998-99(Q) 1999-2000(A)
i. Current prices
15.50 13.53 13.33 11.46
ii. Constant prices 7.04 5.75 5.84 7.03
i. Current prices
15.38 11.89 13.30 11.41
ii. Constant prices 7.19 5.19 5.85 7.00
Q-Quick Estimates, A-Advance Estimates
Real growth had declined in 1997-98 and 1998-99 but is expected to pick-up in 1999-2000.
BOX 2.1
Revision of the State Domestic Product Series
with Base Year 1993-94

In accordance with the recommendations of the 1993 System of National Accounts (1993 SNA) prepared by the Inter-Secretariat Working Group on National Accounts comprising the European communities (EUROSTAT), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), United Nations and the World Bank, the Central Statistical Organisation decided to shift the base year of the National/State Income series from 1980-81 to 1993-94. Accordingly, the State Income 1980-81 series has since been changed to the base year 1993-94.

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