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  • Meeting on transport related issues facing the citizens of the Delhi was organised by the Delhi Dialogue Commission and it was chaired by Mr Gopal Rai, Transport Minister and co-chaired by Shri Ashish Khetan,vice chairman,( DDC) recently.
The following were present in the meeting:

Sunita Narayan /Anumita Roy Chowdhury, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

Shri Sanjiv Jha ( MLA) - Parliamentary secy transport

Geetanjali Sharma (commissioner - transport)

Shri Ashish Joshi , Member Secretary, DDC and Shri Abhishek Gupta, Anchor ,DDC

Ravi Dadhish – Secretary to the transport minister. Integrated Transport system in Delhi

The meeting stressed the need for integrated public transport systems to address the transport related problems faced by the citizens of Delhi. There is also a need to improve access and augment walking and cycling facilities for green commuting and integrate the public transport modes. The transport plan/system should be equity based and based on the usage viz., 40% of total delhi people travel by Buses, 14% by cars, 20% by two wheelers ,10% by metro and rest through bicycle and walking.


As per CSE, PUC is ineffective due to several reasons -
(a) Outdated technology -- PUC norms should match the euro norms. The testing is not appropriate for new generation technology.

For diesel vehicles, only density test is done which is not sufficient. (b)Transport dept informed that there are ~ 6 Lac diesel vehicles in Delhi . (5.3 Lac personal cars + 86K commercial cars)

(c) 65 HSY norm for diesel vehicle limit is too high. Only 6% of vehicles fail due to this high limit

(d) New norms have come but only for euro 4. Older vehicles have same norms which is making things difficult

(e) CSE suggested that we need smoky vehicle penalty program

(f) CSE informed that Hyderabad has a better PUC system which is centralized and Bangalore has better bus system

(g) CSE suggested that Annual fitness check of cars must be made mandatory

(h) CSE suggested that there was lot of malpractices in Lambda test in PUC. Transport depart informed that all malpractice can be checked through backend data because oxygen level in the data will go up. Transport department is working on the data and will soon start cracking on the erring PUC centres. Shri Ashish Khetan, VC, DDC instructed transport department to act without fear or favour against the erring individuals

(i) CSE informed that Burari was supposed to be a centralized testing centre for commercial vehicles however, it has not been able to perform. Many vigilance cases/CBI cases are going on.. There were supposed to be 4 more such centres. None set up. They need to be set up. The Hon Minister asked CSE to give a note on what to improve in Burari centre.

(j) CSE stressed that 15 year ban on commercial vehicle was not a good idea. Age of the car is not the issue but maintenance of the car is the main issue. Therefore, focus should be on annual fitness and removal of the 15 year ban needs to be considered.

(i) CSE made a plea that Delhi government should discuss with the Haryana government to complete Western Expressway to shift truck traffic outside Delhi, as it was adding to air pollution in Delhi. Courts have asked that it should be completed in June 2016. Delhi govt has already invested lot of funds in the said project and there is a need for Delhi Govt. to pursue vigorously with Haryana Govt. for completion of the project.

Euro Norms

CSE suggested that Delhi Govt should Write to Government of India (GOI) to advance the road map for emissions standards roadmap. DDC asked CSE to find out whether Is it too expensive to move to next level emission standards .As per CSE --- it is not more than 15K per car for euro 6 norms . CSE was asked to share the data.

Transport department informed that there is a discussion going on whether we can jump direct to Euro

6 . Several meetings have already taken place between GoI environment ministry and transport ministry on this.


CSE suggested that -
It 1998, the Supreme Court had directed that the city should expand its bus service to 11,000 buses. But currently there are only 5000-6000 buses in the city. This is completely inadequate. It was informed that 40% of total delhi people go by Buses. Cars - 14%, two wheelers - 20% , metro - 10%
It was suggested that DTC , should buy 900 mm bus with standard specification prescribed under JNNURM, Ministry of Urban Development, GOI . It was suggested that AMC clause could be considered for removal as it would ensure competitive participation for Bus procurement.

It was informed that Bangalore is running an efficient Bus Service . It was informed by Transport Commissioner that DTC team had visited Bangalore and submitted a report. Transport Commissioner was asked to submit a brief on the recommendations of the study report for further action to the

Transport Minister.

CSE pointed out that there was an urgent need for Bus depots to strengthen Bus service in Delhi. CSE suggested that the Millennium depot should not be removed as would hamper introduction of new buses.

CSE stressed that the problem of monopoly/cartel in purchase of bus need to be addressed .


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