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Sixth Pay Commission Notification

O.M. No. 1-1-2008-1C dt. 13.10.2008 (Fixation of pay in the pay ands where posts have been upgraded.
O.M. No.2-22(A)-2008-Estt.(Pay II) dt. 3.9.2008 (Revision of rates of Central Secretariat (Deputation on Tenure) Allowance)
O.M. No.12011-03-2008-Estt.(Allowance) dt. 2.9.2008 (Implementation of decisions relating to grant of Children Education Assistance and Reimbursement of Tuition Fee)
O.M. No. 1-1-2008-1C dt. 13.9.2008 (Clarification on CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008)
O.M. No.14028-3-2008-Estt.(L) dt. 25.9.2008 (Relating to eligibility for encashment of leave)
Endorsement No. F.11(4)-2006-Fin(B)-dsfb-2301-2306 dt. 10.11.2009.
O.M. No.31011-4-2008-Estt.(A) dt. 23.9.2008 (Recommendations relating to LTC-Acceptance of)
O.M. No. F.19047-21-09-E-IV dt. 8.4.2009
O.M. No.F.9-5-2003-ACP Cell-Services-74 dt. 30-1-09 (Implementation of ACP Scheme to DASS (II, III and IV) Cadre-Steno (II and III) Cadre)
O.M. No. 31011-2-2006-Estt.(A) dt. 27.7.09 (Regulation of Journey by air while availing Leave Travel Concession - clarification regarding).
O.M. No. 7(20)-2008-E.III(A) dt. 24.9.2008 (Family Planning Allowance)
O.M. No. 1-1-2008-IC dt. 29.1.2009 (Fixation of pay and grant of increments in the revised pay structure - clarifications regarding).
Revision of fixation of pay of retired judges of the SC and HC
O.M. No.19030-3-2008-E.IV dt. 23.9.2008 (Travelling Allowance)
O.M. No. 11013-7-2008-Estt.(A) dt. 3.6.2009 (Free Companion Ticket by Government servants introduced from time to time by various Airlines).
O.M.No. F. 7.23-2008-E.II(A) dt. 25.5.2009
O.M. No.19030-3-2008-E.IV dt. 22.1.2009 (Travelling Allowance Rules - Implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission)
O.M. No. 14-3-2008-JCA dt. 11.9.2008 (Increased rate of Washing Allowance)
O.M. No. 19030-3-2008-E.IV dt. 29.6.2009 (Admissibility-entitlement traveling by Shatabadi Express).
O.M. No.7(21)-2008-E.III(A) dt. 22.9.2008 (Payment of Caretaking Allowance to the Caretakers)
DTC Letter No. PLD-V(VIth PC) or 08 or 2824 dated 23.09.2008
O.M. No. 1-1-2008-1C dated 30.8.2008 including Ready Reckoner, Undertaking
O.M. No. 49011-31-2008-Estt.(C) dt. 12.9.2008 (Casual Labourers with Temporary Status)
O.M. No. AB.14017-61-2008-Estt.(RR) dt. 24.3.2009 (Revision of pay scales-amendment of Service Rules-Recruitment Rules).
O.M. No. 12011-04-2008-Estt. dt. 11.9.2008 (Allowance) (Special Allowance for child care for women with disabilities and Education Allowance for disabled children)
O.M. No. 14021-7-2008-AIS(II) dt.26.9.2008 (Revision of provisions regulating pension or gratuity or commutation of pension or family pension or disability pension)
Undertaking, O.M.No. 1(3) or 2008-EII (B) and 2(13) or 2008-EII(B)both dt. 29.08.2008
O.M. No. F.No.19024-1-2009-E.IV dt. 13.7.09 (Air Travel on official account - both domestic and international)
O.M. No.13018-2-2008-Estt.(L) dt. 11.9.2008 (Relating to enhancement of the quantum of Maternity Leave and introduction of Child Care Leave)
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