Hon'ble Chairman
Guidlines regarding "Prevention of worker from Hazardous entry into Sewerage System"
Decentralised waste water system for schools/ colleges / institutions
List of the vendors of the empanelled Water Meters with Delhi Jal Board
Important Phone Numbers for Complaints Redressal
Schedule of water tankers
Timing of Water supply in Delhi
Public Monitoring of Drinking Water Tanker
Schedule for meeting with different RWA and MOM
Delhi Jal Boards Packaged Drinking Water Bottling Plant
Timing of Water supply in Delhi

S.No. Name Of Division / Area and Timing of Water Supply
1. EE(East)-I
2. EE( East)-II
3. EE(North East)-I
4. EE(North East)-II
5. EE(North East)-III
6. EE(North West)-I
7. EE(North West)-II
8. EE(North West)-III
9. EE(North West)-IV
10. EE(South)-I
11. EE(South)-II
12. EE(South)-III
13. EE(South)-IV
14. EE(North)-I
15. EE(Central)-I
16. EE(Central)-II
17. EE(E&M)W&S-SW
18. EE(E&M)W&S-(South)-II
19. EE(E&M)W&S(South)-III
20. EE(E&M)W&S-CN
21. EE(E&M)W&S-NW
22. EE(E&M)W&S-West
23. EE(West)-I
24. EE(West)-II
25. EE(West)-III
26. EE(South West)I
27. EE(South West)II
28. EE(South West)III
29. EE(Project) W-I-Malviya Nagar
30 EE(Project) W-IX -Nangloi
31. EE(Project) W-VII -Vasant Vihar
32. EE(C) Dwarka
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Guidelines for Modal RFP Documents
Inviting Nominations Last Day 14 Mar 16
List of Affidavits
Local Services
1 Grievances
1 Public Grievance Management System
Important Links
Rules for Enlistment of Contractor 2017
Revised Water Tariff (w.e.f 01-02-2018)
List of contractors in Various Class in DJB.
RTI Website , GNCTD
Water Tariff Policy
Last Updated : 03 Dec,2018